“Developmental edit” is a misnomer; a developmental edit doesn’t edit your words directly. A developmental edit is another high-level evaluation of a manuscript to assess its overall quality and effectiveness, with the addition of more detailed feedback. A developmental edit produces a longer detailed report (6-10 pages, often with chapter breakdowns) and also includes inline comments and suggestions throughout the manuscript itself.

At this point in the editing process we aren’t concerned with sentence and paragraph-level editing, or grammar, spelling, or typos. Why? Because the material will likely be rewritten one or more times by the author.

Where a manuscript evaluation is kind of a one-and-done high-level report, the developmental edit can be more of a relationship between an author and editor.

  • Up to 50K words = $3000
  • Up to 50-75K words = $4000
  • Up to 75-100K words = $5000